I’m a freelance journalist, writer, teacher and editor currently pursuing a Masters in Creative Writing and Education at Goldsmiths, University of London.

I write about the environment, culture, arts, social equality and grassroots projects for BBC Latin America & CaribbeanMongabay, Gal-Dem and others.

I also produce radio pieces for BBC World Service, have led media workshops in schools and for would-be journalists, and taught communications at the University of Guyana as a part-time lecturer.

My work has ranged from managing the BBC’s Peabody Award-winning Ebola WhatsApp/Facebook services, to writing about a cafe for recovering addicts in London, to visiting NASA’s Johnson Space Center for Channel 4’s BAFTA award-winning series Live from Space.

Recent work

🌴 Rethinking trees in a multi-cultural urban areas, Voices from Developing Countries (May 2020)

🏠 From writing to VR, finding ways to connect to nature during isolation, Mongabay (May 2020)

🌱 Telling big environmental stories in a close-knit country (insider), Mongabay (Apr 2020)

📚 The Books That Make Us, Stabroek News (Oct 2019)

🌳 Decolonizing trees in a tropical city to nurture multi-cultural identity, Mongabay (Sep 2019)

📻 Guyana marks Year of Indigenous Languages (listen from 24 mins 16 secs), BBC World Service (Jan 2019)