I produce and record pieces for BBC World Service including:

BBC World Service: Guyana in the Year of Indigenous Languages (2019)
Package for BBC World Service on Guyana’s nine indigenous languages and efforts to keep them alive.

BBC World Service / Cultural Frontline (2018)
Speaking up for survivors through art: Interview with Guyanese artist Akima McPherson

BBC World Service / Fifth Floor (2017)
Saddle up for the Guyana rodeo! – The sounds of vaqueiro country in Guyana

BBC World Service / Fifth Floor (2016)
Land of Six People – Race, history and culture in Guyana

BBC World Service / Fifth Floor (2016)
Following my father’s tastebuds
: Exploring Georgetown, Guyana, through its food

BBC World Service / Outside Source (2015)

Interview on Outside Source as a member of the BBC Ebola team, on connecting with those in the affected countries through WhatsApp and Facebook.