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City of Stories Home

I’m pleased to be a part of City of Stories Home, celebrating London’s libraries as places to make and share stories.

I’m leading some workshop/s as part of a fantastic series of free online creative writing workshops for adults through all library services in London. Come along and try it out – no experience required! If you’re a little more experienced in writing that’s great too. My workshops take place on:

Thursday 3 February, 2-4pm, Bexley
Thursday 17 February, 10am-12pm, Greenwich (BSL interpreted and auto-captioned)
Saturday 19 February, 2-4pm, Enfield (auto-captioned)

In the workshops, we’ll explore short stories and home, and take part in lots of fun creative writing exercises in a safe and welcoming space.

Plus when you’ve attended a City of Stories Home workshop you can enter the project’s writing competition with your 500 word story on the theme of ‘home’. Competition winners will see their work published in an anthology, and win a place at a special day of masterclasses for talented writers.

Book your free workshop place/s now:

For more information about City of Stories Home, including top tips on how to write your short story, and to read special commissioned short stories by Natasha Brown, Caleb Azumah Nelson, Jarred McGinnis and Amer Anwar, and more, visit:

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