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51 things to do in Georgetown


There’s nothing to do in Georgetown? Think again. Here are 51 ideas to get you started – one for every year of independence in Guyana.

  1. Lime on the seawall on a Sunday afternoon with friends, beers and hotdogs.
  2. Take your photo with Gandhi at the Promenade Gardens.
  3. Buy cassava bread and casareep for pepperpot at Guyana Shop on Robb Street.
  4. Watch a blockbuster at Giftland Mall Caribbean Cinemas.
  5. Feed grass to the manatees in the pond at the National Park.
  6. Go birdwatching before dawn on a Feather Friends tour.
  7. Buy Amerindian crafts at the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs on Quamina/Thomas Streets.
  8. See the work of top local artists at Castellani House on Vlissengen Road/Homestretch Avenue.
  9. Go for an early morning or evening swim (5am-6am or 7pm-9pm, according to last check) at the National Aquatic Centre (near Giftland). [Update: See reader’s correction in comments box]
  10. Look at the back of the 1763 Monument, aka Cuffy’s statue, in Independence Square to see Philip Moore’s handiwork in 360 degrees.
  11. Ride Guyana’s first-ever escalator at City Mall on Regent Street. Then eat at the food court.
  12. Have a saltfish & bakes breakfast at Oasis Cafe (cheaper than some coffees, believe it or not).
  13. Explore the history and culture of Guyana’s nine indigenous peoples at the Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology on Main Street.
  14. Cower in the shadow of the giant sloth at the National Museum on North Road.
  15. See indigenous, no-nails construction at the Umana Yana benab on High Street.
  16. Count the missing body parts on the statue of Queen Victoria outside Georgetown’s High Court.
  17. Place bets now at the casino inside Ramada Georgetown Princess Hotel – or venture upstairs to the games arcade.
  18. Make a splash at HJ Water World located behind the National Stadium.
  19. Croon a classic at The Vintage on Lamaha Street where every Thursday is karaoke night.
  20. Watch go-kart racing at the Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club track on Albert Street.
  21. Climb the walls (literally) at Universal PlayPark directly next to Giftland Mall.
  22. Learn about Guyana’s slave rebellion leaders and see African arts and crafts at the Museum of African Heritage on Barima Avenue, off Vlissengen Road.
  23. Experiment with cheese meets plantain at Cheeze Pleaze on David Street, Kitty.
  24. Read a Caribbean classic at the National Library on Church Street.
  25. Organise a Sunday brunch at the Backyard Barbecue & Grill (a corner away from Cool Square on the back road) – or alternatively Antonio’s Grille on Sheriff Street or Hermanston Lodge on Lamaha/Peter Rose Streets.
  26. Take five in the peace and quiet of St George’s Cathedral on Church Street – one of the tallest wooden churches in the world.
  27. Learn another language. There are Portuguese classes at the Brazil-Guyana Cultural Centre on Church Street, Spanish classes at the Venezuelan Embassy, Mandarin classes at the Confucious Institute at UG, to name just three.
  28. Practice yoga (and perfect your ommmm) at the Indian Cultural Centre in Prashad Nagar ($3,000 for three classes a week for four months – thats $62.5 a class). Other classes available include Kathak dance, harmonium, tabla and vocals.
  29. Learn how to play guitar, piano, drums, bass or sing at Music Unlimited on Durban Street.
  30. Buy local art and craft from the Main Street Art Group located on, er, Main Street.
  31. Eat a Trini ‘doubles’ at Layla’s Doubles outside JR Burgers on Sandy Babb Street.
  32. Kick back to live music at the Pegasus on Friday and Saturday nights, and Cara Lodge on Saturday nights.
  33. Take a trip up the Georgetown Lighthouse – advance tickets available from the nearby Maritime Administration Department (don’t think on the day is an option). [Update: See reader’s correction in comments box]
  34. Buy a book written by a local author at the well-stocked Austin’s Book Store on Church Street.
  35. Create your own piece of art (while drinking wine) at a Red Entertainment Art Glass class.
  36. Feast for $440 (large portion) at House of Flavours on Charlotte Street. Other Ital favourites include Steppers on Thomas Street.
  37. Buy a natural nemwa-husk body loofah at Bourda Market and scrub your troubles (or old skin, at least) away.
  38. Go on a tour of Diamond Distillery Limited (DDL) – the home of Guyana’s world-famous El Dorado Rum, including a visit to the Demerara Rum Heritage Centre.
  39. Splash out on Sunday dim sum lunch at New Thriving on Main Street (or pick up some treats at the downstairs bakery).
  40. Wiggle your hips at a Latin Heat dance class in Kitty. Cuban Salsa, Bachata, cha cha, advanced waltz…
  41. Take inspiration from neighbouring Brazil and enjoy a caipirinha cocktail at the Brasil Churrascaria & Pizzaria on Alexander Street – or the Brazilian bar at Status Hotel on Croal Street.
  42. Sample wild meat, pepperpot and other Amerindian dishes – washed down with fresh juice or piwari – at Tocuma restaurant on Waterloo Street.
  43. Catch a show at the National Cultural Centre on Mandela/Home Stretch Avenues or Theatre Guild on Parade Street.
  44. Kiss on the Kissing Bridge in the Botanical Gardens. (You can stand on it right?)
  45. Shop in the shadow of Stabroek Market‘s famous iron-and-steel structure. Don’t set your watch by the clock, though – although that is due to be fixed.
  46. Spot the curled serpent atop the Radha Krishna Mandir (see main picture) on Camp/Quamina Streets.
  47. Pay a visit to the 1823 Monument along the seawall in Kitty, commemorating those who died in the Demerara slave revolt of that year.
  48. Buy a leather handbag, wallet or sandals – handmade in Guyana (hopefully) – at the craft stalls outside the National Museum.
  49. Order a health-boosting fresh, local juice from Juice Power on Middle Street, or Nicky’s on Albert and Robb Streets.
  50. See a cricket match at the National Stadium in Providence – if no matches are scheduled, cheer on Guyana’s blind and partially sighted cricket team in practice there every Sunday morning.
  51. Take a walk through the Walter Rodney Monument on Hadfield Street – and note down all the titles of his books you need to read.

10 thoughts on “51 things to do in Georgetown

  1. Thanks Francis! There are loads of health clubs from what I can gather (although I don’t go to any!). Space Gym at Status Hotel on Croal Street is new and shiny, and I hear has good classes…

  2. You should! There’s not loads of tourism. Other than Guyanese living abroad coming to visit, it’s mostly birdwatchers/wildlife fans, people coming to shop from Cuba/Brazil, and a few people backpacking S America. This can make it expensive but with good planning doesn’t have to break the bank.

  3. My 6yo is obsessed with Brazil and we’ve promised we will take him one day. Maybe Guyana too! Probably not for another few years tho 🙂

  4. Great list. With regards to the lighthouse though, you can purchase tickets and go up the same day. Last time I went during lunch hours and I asked whether I couldn’t buy the tickets and come back another time and they told me that someone goes up with you shortly after you buy the ticket so that’s not possible.

  5. Aha, good to know. Do you know when you can swim there as a member of the public?

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